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ONTrac Hits Major Milestones

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

How effective of a "goal app" company would we be if we didn't have our own SMART goals? Not very. Well, the good news is we definitely have SMART goals as a company, and I'm truly excited to share that we have hit two major ones this month.

Launches on App Store for Pre-order

The first goal that we hit earlier this month was launching ONTrac on the app store for pre-order. More than that, the bigger meaning behind this launch is that we completed the beta version or minimal viable product (MVP) version of ONTrac. Though it's only been a few days, we've already started to get some early pre-orders for the product. If you're interested in pre-ordering ONTrac, you can do so by clicking the Apple App Store pre-order badge below.

Adding Diverse Co-Founders

At the heart of any company are its people. The "seeds" of any startups are its co-founders. If your co-founders do not reflect the passion, principles, and vision of the company that you're trying to build, then the people that they eventually hire are unlikely to as well so it is crucial to get the co-founders of a new company right for the company to succeed. The right people create the right culture, and the right culture creates powerful brands. We are pleased to announce that we have finalized our founding team, and we feel strongly that we have the right skills, passion, and vision to achieve our mission of helping people live happier, more balanced lives by simplifying the process of achieving their life goals.

Xan Hong

Chief Executive Officer

Xan Hong received his Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania where he competed on the Varsity Men’s Track team for four years. He later also received his Master’s in Education from the University of Pennsylvania during which he served as a student-teacher and volunteer track & field coach at a University High School in West Philadelphia. He has since served as an adjunct professor in Entrepreneurial Finance at Lincoln University. He still regularly volunteers his time mentoring and speaking to youth from inner-city schools.

Xan has been an entrepreneur for almost two decades in a variety of industries including real estate development, food and beverage, e-commerce, insurance, and financial services, marketing communications, and technology. During this time, his companies have grossed over $10 million in revenue. His expertise is in marketing strategy, digital marketing, and sales.

He also is an investor and principal in an independent insurance agency and owns an e-commerce business. Xan lives in Middletown, Delaware with his wife and 8-year old daughter. He was the former President of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Society of Delaware.

Jim Connor

Chief Technology Officer

James understands the importance of being physically, mentally, and financially fit. He attended East Carolina University and graduated with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Chemistry while raising his 4 children. For the last 20 years, he's been developing for various companies and the founder of his own development company that donates technical assistance and coding to non-profit organizations. This opportunity is possible using the buy one, give one model to allow enterprise clients the chance to help make a positive impact in our communities. Today, James continues to advise startups and focuses on building platforms that make use of his machine learning skills as AI provides insight into data that is generated every day by our habits and actions.

Angela Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Angela has nearly 15 years of brand marketing experience working for Fortune 100 companies in consumer-packaged goods, consumer electronics, and most recently IoT and the smart home categories. During her career, she has been charged with driving brand growth and sales on household brands such as the ChapStick Brand, LG Electronics, Philips Lighting, and Preparation H. Angela has experience working across the entire product life cycle - from uncovering consumer insights and developing innovation roadmaps to integrated launch planning and campaign measurement. She brings a passion for brand storytelling, team collaboration, and creative problem-solving. Angela has a BAS from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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