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Life Goal Management Platform


Powerful Automations

Seamlessly integrating with technologies that you already use, ONTrac™ minimizes the need for manual entry for faster, more accurate progress tracking.


Personalized Goal Roadmaps

ONTrac's unique SMARTracs™ are evidenced-based, SMART Goal Roadmaps for your specific goal that break your goals into smaller, more achievable milestones, and automatically schedule out actionable tasks for you.


intuitive interface

ONTrac's simple user interface and dashboards make sure you always know where you stand, remind you where you are trying to get to, and let you know what you need to do today.


Manage All Your Life Goals in One App


Good health is the foundation of happy fulfilling life. However, there are many elements of living a healthy life such as:


  • Having a healthy diet

  • Drinking enough water

  • Getting enough sleep

  • More Coming...


These are vital to feeling good physically and mentally. By connecting wirelessly through technologies such as digital scales, smart water bottles, MyFitnessPal, and popular wearable technology, the app simplifies the tracking. The app proactively and schedules activities that will help you achieve your goal. 



ONTrac helps you set and track SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based) goals such as:


  • Paying off debt

  • Creating positive monthly cash flow 

  • Saving money 

  • More Coming...


By securely connecting to all of your financial accounts*, the app automates the progress tracking process.  The app proactively suggests and schedules activities that will help you achieve your goal.  

*ONTrac utilizes a secure third party integration with all of your financial accounts and will not have direct access to your passwords, account numbers, etc.



Achieving financial and healthy living goals pave to way to spending your time with the people you love and pursuing your passions. ONTrac helps guides you through the process of setting SMART goals of:


  • Spending more quality time with loves ones

  • Gain more free time

  • More Coming...


It also helps track your progress toward these goals. Integration with your calendar allow the app to proactively suggest and schedule activities that will help you achieve your goal.