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ONTrac™ is a digital content platform for simplifying goals into smaller, measurable tasks giving your clients an easy-to-follow blueprint for success in areas of health, finances, time management and more!

Whether you are a fitness, executive, finance or life coach, keeping clients focused and on track is a challenge that many coaches face.

Using our platform, coaches can publish content and action plans towards achieving a particular SMART goal. Through the ONTrac app, each client can follow the SMART plan that you created and customized to his or her needs. Our app’s intuitive design, automated tracking and dashboards keep your clients engaged and accountable ensuring a higher probability of reaching the desired results. 

Let ONTrac help you achieve greater success with your clients and better equip them to achieve their life goals.


ONTrac is the only platform of its kind.
We designed ONTrac with the following features to help you achieve greater success with your clients:



Using the principles of SMART goals, a SMARTrac™ is a blueprint authored by a coach as a step-by-step guide to reach a specific goal


Automated Tracking

ONTrac works with a wide range of wearables and accounts which enables automated tracking of a client’s activity and completed tasks

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Personal Dashboards

Through our platform, get personal dashboards enabling clients and coaches to see a snapshot of daily progress towards a goal

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Digital Content Platform

The ONTrac iOS app is available for free in the App Store plus coaches have access to a web-based portal where they can enroll clients and review their dashboards

SMART Goals to SMARTracs

SMARTracs are the core feature that make ONTrac such a powerful content platform.

Using the principles of SMART goals – SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVEABLE, RELEVANT, TIME-BOUND - each SMARTrac is a unique blueprint that guides a user step-by-step to an ultimate end-goal.

A coach can author a SMARTrac and then customize specific metrics to fit each individual client. Maybe you are fitness coach that wants your client to incorporate stretching into his/her daily routine for 60 days, or perhaps a health coach who has a group of clients taking a 10-week challenge to eat 3 daily servings of green vegetables. Your authored SMARTrac can be gated exclusively for the clients you choose or published in our public content library and made available for purchase to a broader audience.


Automated Tracking

The ONTrac platform works with a wide range of wearables and accounts which enables automated tracking of activity and tasks. ONTrac can seamlessly integrate with the following:

Health and Fitness. Track cardio time, steps, calories, sleep and more. Through Apple Health, ONTrac integrates with MyFitnessPal, Garmin, Polar, Witherings and many more health devices and apps.

Time Management. ONTrac can automatically sync tasks and schedules with access to Core Location and Calendar and keeps tabs on a person’s productivity through integration with RescueTime accounts.

Financial. Our platform securely connects to over 11,500 bank accounts allowing your clients to also monitor their financial goals.


Personal Dashboards

Our platform also provides personal dashboards enabling clients and coaches to get a snapshot of daily progress.  Once the app captures the daily activities and tasks, it then creates a simple dashboard for each goal or SMARTrac. As a coach, you can monitor the progress and follow-through of each client and see where he/she is flourishing or struggling to stay on track towards a goal.


iOS and Android Apps Plus Web-Based Portal

Clients access all content and view their SMARTrac goals through the ONTrac app which is available for free in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android users.

For coaches, we have designed a web-based portal where they can easily enroll clients and check on their progress through the client dashboards.

Scaling the Rocks

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We work with coaches interested in creating SMART goal content exclusively for their clients. Additionally, we partner with subject matter experts who want to publish SMARTrac content for purchase in our public library via the ONTrac app.

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