A New Platform for Publishing Your Content

SMARTrac content creators are a range of subject matter experts and educators in different categories such as Health & Wellness, Money & Finance, Business & Career, and more.

ONTrac provides a new way for content creators to monetize their content, engage their audience at scale, and help customers achieve better outcomes. SMARTracs are a new way to put learning into action by simplifying a large goal into smaller chunks and providing a step-by-step action plan to achieve it. ( What is a SMARTrac? )

You can create a stand-alone SMARTrac or pair your blog, video, podcast, or online course with a SMARTrac to add a more actionable, interactive component. SMARTracs break your content down into actionable steps and automatically schedule each assigned task on the user’s calendar.

Additionally, through our platform, you can see how each individual enrolled in your SMARTrac is progressing towards their goal.

How do I Create and Publish a SMARTrac?

Once you register for an ONTrac account, you can start creating SMARTracs using our proprietary SMARTrac Builder Tool. The tool was created to make the process simple and intuitive for content creators. Milestones and tasks are the foundational building blocks of a SMARTrac. They are the essential components of creating a step-by-step action plan that is simple for clients to follow helping them achieve better outcomes


MILESTONES breakdown the GOAL into smaller chunks and are intended to give the user a sense of accomplishment along their journey. Ideally a SMARTrac will have more than one MILESTONE depending on how you design each step of the action plan.


This is the individual assignment(s) or TASK(s) that must be complete to reach a MILESTONE. There can be one TASK or multiple TASKS under each MILESTONE. You can also include optional TASKS which means that it is a suggested assignment but not required for the user to complete before moving to the next TASK or MILESTONE.

Check out the video below for a brief demo of the SMARTrac Builder tool.

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