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ONTrac's innovative, accountability platform leverages the SMART Goal framework to simplify large goals into smaller chunks and provide a step-by-step action plan. 



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All of the ONTrac features are collectively designed to make goals more actionable and follow through easier.


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Save time, differentiate your services and achieve higher success rates with our interactive, customizable accountability tool.

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The Science Behind SMART Goals & Accountability Partners

Research shows that setting and achieving goals is linked to higher levels of success, optimism, and overall happiness(1). However, studies also suggest that only 19% of people who set goals achieve them over the long-term(2). Key reasons why people do not achieve their goals:

  • They don’t create specific or SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based) goal;

  • They don’t break the goal down into a specific plan to achieve it;

  • They don’t utilize a feedback mechanism to determine if they’re making progress; and

  • They don’t incorporate accountability partners as part of their goal process(3,4,5).

ONTrac is a SMART Goal Accountability platform that aims to improve these goal achievement outcomes by empowering accountability partners such as coaches, therapists, mentors, educators and advisors to create content utilizing our innovative, proprietary new content medium called SMARTracs.

Learn more about the features behind the ONTrac platform and what makes it such a unique and powerful tool.

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